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Fresh Chips

We grow the best variety potatoes for the job, inspected through the whole process making sure you get the best fresh quality product for what you need.

Reasons to buy our fresh prepped potatoes

A couple of hours saved in preparation time every day equals 30 extra days a year to spend on other areas of your business. You cant put a value on your own time.


Utility bills, staff wages and training costs rise all the time, that added to outlay and maintenance of expensive machinery means preparing your own chips costs more than you realise. Leave this behind and you'll soon save money.


Rumbling and chipping potatoes is a messy business. Say goodbye to blocked drains, piles of empty potato sacks and sweeping the floor every five minutes. Say hello to that five star environmental health rating.

Our Roots

 Now 3rd generation farmers all our potatoes are grown locally on our own fields or on neighbouring farms. We are able to trace all our prepped potatoes all the way back to the fields they were grown in. As a family run business we pride ourselves on are customer service.  

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