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About Chipeez

Supplying all forms of business from restaurants, pubs, cafes, schools and fish & chip shops no order is to small and no distance is to far

chipeez has everyone covered.

Our Company

We are 3rd generation farmers based in Horsford Norwich, farming since the 1950s. Originally selling unwashed potatoes in 25kg bags going out to fish and chip shops all over Norfolk and parts of Suffolk. We have now installed a prep line so we are able to offer fresh prepped potatoes products like chips, roast potatoes and more to fish and chip shops, restaurants, pubs and many other places. We understand potatoes through many years of experience so we understand quality is key. We also base our business on customer service to make sure everyone is happy.


Growing our own potatoes means we can trace all our produce from the seed potatoes we buy to where they are grown in the field, what day they are harvested all the way through to when they are chipped and sold to the end customer.


Growing 2000 tonnes of potatoes a year on average, with storage of up to 800 tonnes of potatoes using the latest technology in buildings and fridge systems we have 2 stores that provide us with the best equipment to make sure not only can we keep potatoes all year round but also make sure they are kept in the best environment. Meaning they are in the best quality for the end user to use all year around. 


Using many different cuts we offer several size chips. Skinny fries at 8mm x 8mm all the way to steak cut chips at 16mm x 21mm and everything in between. We also sell peeled and roast potatoes so we take all the prep work out of your business so you save money on labor, waste and save on machinery repairs and overheads.

Factory prep line

In 2022 we installed a state of the art factory for doing all our potatoes in. Using all stainless steal machinery, its to the highest food grade hygiene standards possible. Capable of doing 1 tonne of chips a hour, it makes prep life easier for our workforce. It also means are products come out to the highest standard possible and come in 5 or 10kg bags.

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