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These are just some of the potato products we sell but we are always looking to add new products and ideas to our business. So if you are in need of something we dont do get in contact with us and im sure we can help out.
All our prepped potatoes come in 5kg or 10kg vacuum sealed bags giving a 7 day shelf life when stored in a chilled fridge from the date of prepping.
Prepped chips

We offer fresh chips in many different cut sizes. From skinny fries 8x8mm to steak cut chips 16x21mm and sizes all the way through in between. We often put our chips through rigorous tests to check fry colour to make sure they are to the best quality available so your business is selling the best product possible

Prepped potatoes

Our peeled potatoes are available so your company doesn't have to do the hard work of peeling. Giving you the option of turning them into mash, chips or roast potatoes

Prepped roast potatoes
Roast potatoes

We carefully test our potatoes to check which varieties will give you the best roast potatoes possible. We check for what will give our customers the most fluffy crisp roast potatoes so you can serve the best for those Sunday roasts.

Potato merchant norwich

We also sell our potatoes unwashed in 7.5kg, 12.5kg and 25kg sacks. We sell not only our chipping potatoes buy we also grow reds and other white varieties to sell in bags.

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